Facebook Bans Spamming Branded Posts

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  • April 23, 2014
Facebook Bans Spamming Branded Posts

Social Media Marketing is all about staying on top of things and changes. And, according to the latest update fromFacebook, the recent changes it performed regarding the News Feed are bound to change the nature of posts that Brands upload in the future on their Branded Facebook pages. Facebook announced it will be locating and burying spam posts in the News Feed. And in particular, those uploaded from Βrand pages. Why those? Because they are known to spam users in order to gain more exposure.

So what is the spam content Facebook will “bury” in the News Feed?

1) Like-Bait, for once. These are posts with the very direct call-to-action “Like”, “Comment” or “Share”, begging this way for likes, comments and shares! Why? Because they ruin the Facebook experience for users, preventing higher quality content from appearing in their News Feed.

2) Frequently Circulated Content comes next. It is the type of content that Brands post again and again.Facebook users consider this practice annoying. So, Facebook will de-emphasize the pages that do that.

3) Misleading Links are the next to go. These are the ones that direct users to something else than what the post originally promised. Facebook will detect such misleading links by tracking if Facebook users who click a link, like or share it.

This new policy does not affect Business pages that do not employ these tricks, whatsoever. It will possibly lead to better News Feed exposure, actually! It will even lead more and more Brand page posts to genuinely try and encourage discussion among their fans. But pages that are into these practices will get buried from now on, opening up space for useful Content to appear in people’s News Feed! That will be a great opportunity for Brands to reconsider what they post and always plan their Content based on what’s valuable and interesting to theirFacebook followers, in order to gain more exposure by people spreading the word for them!

Here is to a better Facebook experience for all of us!