Ongoing Audit
& Performance Optimization

Measure your Global Impact
& Drive Performance on Purpose

Extensive Digital Audit
Data-Mining Situation & Impact Analysis across Markets to deeply understand Brand’s existing footprint through all Digital Assets, Content, Campaigns and promotion initiatives resulting in straight-to-the-point actionable optimization insights based on Key Performance Drivers.
Advanced Consumer Intelligence
Audience Mindset Analysis and Audit for Deep Understanding and Profiling, diving deep into Consumer's Point of View. Everything you need to know so as to define who should be targeted in each market and what tone of voice to be used to have a highly effective channel of communication based on fundamental consumer needs and archetypes that drive decision-making.
Content Predictive Analytics
Content’s stopping power analysis based on Machine Learning Algorithms, aggressively optimizing the content creation process and production costs involved well in advance. It is the most accurate method (more than 95% accuracy) that can pre-define whether the content/campaign produced will attract consumer's attention and what are the elements to be altered in order to increase attention probability and memorability.
Advertising Budget Analysis & Optimization
Advertising Funnel and Effectiveness Analysis to eliminate overspending and optimize ROI. Budget Optimization recipes addressing targeting and promotion strategy patterns that constantly optimize Brand's visibility and performance.
Digital Intelligence Dashboards
Real-time Monitoring, Tracking and Evaluation of Brand’s Performance across markets at a single Source. A full picture covering all Business and Marketing KPIs so as to make informed decisions securing benchmarking and Brand Performance Optimization, through marketing insights to be tangibly utilized to drive Results Across Countries.
Influencers’ Audit
Influencers’ Impact Analysis to Identify and Validate opportunities for Brands across countries to strengthen their Social Footprint. Unique Data Models to evaluate and score Influencers’ Relevance, Reach, Reputation and Engagement to enable informed decisions beyond favorability and perception.


Digital Optimization Frameworks

Make informed decisions

Strategic Optimization Frameworks
Brand-tailored Digital Optimization Frameworks with the provision of all Performance KPIs that drive ROI: a) Interest-based Consumer Profiling for razor-sharp targeting b) Brand’s digital assets nurturing for Brand’s dissemination and growth c) Structural and measurable Content creation process on purpose (award-winning methodology) to safeguard performance, strengthening Brand’s Equity, Relevance and Adoption
Content Analytics
Real-time content classification based on a unique Brand-tailored taxonomy system following specific performance-driven criteria. An accurate method to understand your Content’s dynamics and make real-time informed decisions optimizing and investing on the content that matters    
Digital Transformation Workshops
Data-Driven Knowledge Infusion through to Local Teams and Agencies for aligning and adapting to Brand’s Digital Dynamics based on Data. Digital Marketing Strategy, Audit and Performance Optimization Methodologies and best practices are gained through extensive Consumer Behavior Insights and Data Analysis.

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