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We believe in the God of Data and Marketing, that is why Data and Analytics power everything that we do. Our mission is to safeguard Brands’ Optimization and Performance in this Digital Marketing driven world.
Through Industry Leading Insights, Social Data Analysis and Digital Optimization Methodologies we provide you with customized Strategic Frameworks to increase the ROI of your digital communication initiatives.
We actively embattle Marketers and Agencies with the right Data so as to survive in a world where wise decision making process means saving money.

We’ ve successfully supported more than 130 Brands around the world and we keep counting.

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Digital Audit

A unique Diagnostic Situation Analysis of your Brand’s Digital Presence, the Industry it operates in as well as a detailed Consumer Behavior Analysis, along with thorough Actionable Marketing Insights.

We Audit Brands & Consumers in a Global Scale to provide our awesome clients with a very detailed, powerful and unique Situation Analysis of their Industry, their Brands’ Digital Assets & Touchpoints, as well as their Brands’ overall Digital impact. This highly zoomed discovery process, and the revelation of  its thorough and actionable Marketing Insights is the mandatory basis for Brands’ incremental improvements in all factors influencing Performance.

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Through innovative, tried and tested methodologies, Data-driven Insights and Human Brain’s powered technologies, we Strategically measure your Brands’ Online Footprint and Performance, deeply analyzing Consumer Behavior Patterns and Profiles through Mind Set segmentation, to assist your razor-sharp targeting opportunities. To make this clear picture even bigger, we provide Global and Local Trends’ Data Analysis so as to bring in front all the must-know to empower your decision-making process in all marketing levels.

Knowing exactly where your Brand stands today is the sole prerequisite for successfully beating your digital marketing challenges.

Digital Performance Optimization

Digital Strategy Frameworks’ Integration and Unique Data Models to optimize Brands’ Digital Performance.

We provide Brands, Agencies and Marketers with breaking – the – schemas Content Strategy Models and Smart Insights Analysis in order to lead in the Digital Era and excel in their Marketing Goals.

Based on our longstanding experience with Clients across the Globe, we have created a unique Content Strategy Framework that actively helps Brands to build structural data based on Brands’ Performance, Communication Initiatives’ Performance as well as Competitors’ Activity. The structural data analyzed is the backbone of our Predictive Analytics in order to dynamically optimize Brand Preference, Budget Allocation and overall Digital Performance.

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Constant Digital Trends & Consumer Changes Analysis, but also Algorithms’ adaptation is also part of our daily focus, sharing valuable Real-time Insights on how the Brands’ Context is affected, while providing all the necessary actions to be taken for Business Success.

Based on a unique Digital Intelligence Platform, we enable Brands and Agencies with Real-time Digital Performance Benchmarking, Digital Initiatives and Assets’ Effectiveness Analysis as well as overview of KPIs and Objectives in an easily accessible and digestible form. Especially Global Brands have to gain a tremendous value of a common snapshot of how they perform in all operating countries, fully optimizing results and creating economies of scale.

Digital Optimization is not a nice to have process, but is the only way for Brands’ Sustainability and ROI.

Digital Transformation Training & Workshops

A unique Knowledge opportunity to maximize your Digital Performance and excel in your Business Environment.

We design and deliver high-quality Specialized Training and Workshops effectively addressing your marketing challenges, so as to have all the weapons to lead in this fast changing Digital world.

We focus on actionable advice and we provide you all the Knowledge, deriving from our Global experience, in order to help you and your teams understand and integrate the new Digital Dynamics and see your results growing. Digital Marketing Strategy, Audit and Performance Optimization Methodologies as well as best practice for Digital Communications’ Excellence, are gained through extensive Consumer Behavior Insights and thorough Data Analysis, so as to empower your marketing mindset even further.

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Through modular Content Marketing Strategy Frameworks we also offer tailored solutions, training  Brands and Agencies for their Strategic Integration, Adoption and Implementation aiming at Performance Optimization based on Data Driven Insights.

If you want to know what’s really working, you need to learn from the people who actually mine the Data. Our training programs are designed to provide Brands and Agencies the Knowledge to demonstrate the needed Strategic Competency in the Digital Era, so highly sought after in today’s battlefield.

Data-Driven Specialized Training & Workshops are your passport in today’s Marketing World to create Digital Strategies that work, getting optimum results from your Digital Channels.

Proud to partner with forward-thinking Clients

We have 20 years of strong, tried and tested Expertise in the fields of
FMCG, Retail, Automotive, Shopping Malls and Technology.

"What will happen if you don’t care about ROI? Return on Ignorance. And Ignorance is Brands' Death.”"

− Stefanos Karagos, Founder of XPLAIN

"What Get’s Measured, Get’s Managed"

− Peter Drucker

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