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The Client: A leading US-based Carbonated Soft Drink with presence in more than 100 markets

The Challenge: to Optimize Global Content Performance and enhance Brand’s Identity & Consistency through Social Media across 22 countries

The Solution: XPLAIN strategically guided Brand’s Global Digital Transformation introducing a unique Data-Driven Approach through: Data-Mining Audit, Innovative Strategic Planning and Knowledge Infusion to global and Local teams to drive Optimization and Business growth with tangible Results

The Results: An award-winning success story for Brand that achieved even higher targets than originally planned, since main KPIs increased than 200%

The Challenge
To Optimize Global Content Performance and enhance Brand’s Identity & Consistency through Social Media across 22 countries
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A Global Project

22 Countries on board

10 Different Languages processed

16M Online Community Members analysed

28.8 Terabytes of Data processed

161 Metrics & KPIs addressed

18K Content Pieces clustered

90M User Interactions analysed

The Solution
A data-Driven Approach
Data Science, Advanced Content Analytics & Audience Intelligence
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Actionable Marketing Insights through: Data mining methodologies, Deep Learning Algorithms, Linguistic Analysis and Digital Intelligence Dashboards
The Recipe
Data-Mining Audit
Data-Driven Strategy
Real-Time Monitoring
Knowledge Infusion
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1. Data-Mining Audit
Extensive Global Performance Analysis

XPLAIN conducted a multi-layer Situation Analysis & Audit across countries (Digital Assets’ Performance, Content & Campaigns’ Analysis, Audience Resonance and Promotion Effectiveness, Industry bench-marking) to deeply understand Brand’s Online Footprint and guide Brand’s optimization process through actionable insights

2. Data-Driven Strategy
Content Intelligence to Optimize Performance

Following the extensive Digital Audit, our suggested Data-Driven Strategic Framework introduced, among others, a highly innovative and structural Content Strategy:

1. The Periodic Table of Content: A unique and awarded process combining all the elements that drive Performance in a digital-driven world. XPLAIN provided countries with the framework to create relevant content, invest on the right assets, consistently promote content on purpose and link actions to Brand’s Objectives

2. Brand-tailored Taxonomy System: Content classification methodology under specific performance-driven criteria, providing a deeper understanding on Content Dynamics and Performance across countries based on Data Analysis

3. A structural 52 week Global Content Calendar with Local Resonance: Monthly distribution of Content to all participating markets following data-driven selection criteria for each one to optimize Performance and ROI

3. Real-time monitoring
Digital Intelligence Dashboards

XPLAIN’s Dashboards enabled informed decisions, providing real time actionable insights through a fully customized, single view of Brand’s Performance in all main KPIs

The Global marketing team monitored Global performance locating strengths and plain points sa as to evaluate and adjust in Real-Time. Local Markets’ Intelligence Dashboards were also set to monitor performance, benchmark their efforts and leverage results

Measurement included: Digital Assets’ Performance Analysis, Content Performance, Advertising Effectiveness and more..


4. Knowledge Infusion
Digital Transformation Training

XPLAIN carried out Digital Transformation Training & Workshops to Local Teams and their Agencies to integrate Digital Dynamics and align on the Strategic Data-Driven Framework

Digital Marketing Strategy, Performance Optimization Methodologies as well as best practices for Digital Communications’ Excellence were gained through extensive Consumer Behavior Insights and thorough Data Analysis

Amazing Results!
Increase in Engagement
Increase in Engaged Users
Increase in Total Reach
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