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Social Media will change even the Olympic Games!

The 2012 Olympics in London are already being named by some as the world’s “First Social Games.” Let’s figure out how Facebook, Twitter & YouTube will play their role...

Content is the KING!

According to the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 85% of marketers reported that social media marketing is boosting business exposure. But if you want to improve ROI, you have to avoid some pitfalls.

What is Social Media COI?

ROI is a common place for you as you are trying to find ways to measure what Social Media offer to your company. But there is another, less known acronym that should be of importance for modern businesses. That it COI and it stands for Cost Of Inaction.

In Social Media Marketing Be Real to Create Trust

Create strong relationships through Social Marketing, with 4 simple steps!

5+1 Social Media Tips you should read!

Talking about social media success, we should think of quality, rather than quantity!
Quality can be achieved via focusing to the correct influencer and delivering only the best content. Of course, before everything, you need to define what social media success means to your business!

Be social all the way

1. A Grand Effie and a Golden Effie award for Pepsi's campaign!

We can't wait to share with you the great news! Pepsi Romania's amazing campaign "Pepsi Today. The same as yesterday", that was submitted by Graffiti BBDO, has won two Effie Romania Awards, the Grand Effie Romania 2012 and an Effie Gold, as last year’s most effective publicity campaign.

Powerful tools and tips for your Social Media work!

Even if you post every day on your company’s Facebook page, you are still far away from getting the maximum out of your fans.

Here are 5 easy, but very important steps to maximize your reach!

Lost in Social Media? Check our weekly tips!

If you are still not exploiting Twitter, then you must hurry! Here are 5 tips you can use to create Leads for your brand.

1. Check out the hot and trending topics every day, and try to participate in the respective discussions

2. Contribute in industry chats with quality content

A customer's complaint in Social Media is NOT a crisis....

...your reaction to it could mean trouble for you!

However perfect your service or product is, you surely have from time to time customers complaining in your Social Media channels about this and that and the other. This is a perfectly natural behaviour, that shouldn't make you lose control (otherwise you could lose the whole game!)

So, sit back, calm down and think, think, think!

XPLAIN Social Media Mashup no23

Recent research by the online advertising-management firm Marin Software concluded that Facebook's social ads and sponsored stories are winning the heart of advertisers who in the last 12 months have spent on them 18% more of their budget in comparison with the year before.