Impressive presentation by Stefanos Karagos in the "_AllThingsFacebook” Conference in Bucharest!

Stefanos Karagos, XPLAIN’s founder, gave an exciting presentation at the “_AllThingsFacebook” Conference in Bucharest on the 20th of March, titled "Sex, Lies and Facebook. Stefanos Karagos caught everyone’s attention, by providing tips and tricks on how to use Facebook more efficiently.

Stefanos Karagos is an entrepreneur, Social Media expert and distinguished speaker, well renowned for his insights in Social Media Strategies and WOM Marketing. Recently, his business presentation “Social Media is Dead, Long Live Social Media ROI”, was ranked as the 3rd most popular in the world for 2011.

XPLAIN is the leading and fastest growing Digital Agency in Europe and Middle East, operating in 6 countries and providing Unique Social Media & Word-of-Mouth Services. In Romania, XPLAIN stands proudly for the challenging projects it has delivered, and today is considered the country’s Market-Leading Agency in the Social Media landscape. Through Word of Mouth Marketing and Social Media Activation strategies, it has managed to integrate global brands like Pepsi, Lay’s, Lipton Ice Tea, KRAX, Star, Prigat and many others, into Unique Live Experiences with Strategic Measurable Results!

Lies, Sex and Facebook
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